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10 YEARS IN THE MAKING | an Interview with R.A. Brunner

Coatesville, PA - We sat down with local inventor and owner of BAR Co. Production Company, Richard A. Brunner, to discuss their unique approach to their patented designs and how they’re aimed at providing green product solutions to traditional building tools and techniques. Here is what Richard had to say about their achievements.

Q: Tell us a bit about BAR Co. Production Company. A: Our company was started with the hopes of bringing to market amazing new innovations that improve tool and equipment performance while meeting environmental needs in the home. We aim to seek out better ways to improve traditional tools and equipment for easier and cleaner ways to make home improvements at a low cost. We identify and design solutions for residential building problems that have high impacts on energy, air quality, environment and personal health. Each of our solutions offer huge benefits by lowering costs and saving time. Our company prides itself on being environmentally sustainable, while continuously setting new goals for quality improvements in both our product lines and our operations. Our green products are patented with one focus a Better Home Environment.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your designs? A: The average home has many small types of heat loss that start to add up over time. These same heat losses occur all over the country in over 120M homes alone, making the amount of heat loss an even larger problem on a national level than anyone realizes. These small types of heat loss are actually draining money and energy constantly and quicker than you would ever expect (known as vampire electric). A lot of these issues are too small for big companies to address, but they have a huge impact on homeowners. I’ve always used first-hand experience to design solutions that fix problems in residential construction. Improving energy efficiency is a big goal in construction and design. As a designer, I’m always working toward a true carbon neutral home.

Q: How did you get your start? A: I guess you could say I’ve been manufacturing things my whole life. I grew up manufacturing custom woodwork, making walnut slab tables and furniture by the time I was 14. I started working in custom construction, working as a 3-D CAD designer/builder and construction supervisor/specialist, having worked on all phases of construction, from simple renovations to multi-million dollar spec homes and multi-unit apartment buildings for over 35 years. I attended Goddard College (1976-78) studying Architecture and Alternative Energy, taking additional courses at Delaware County Community College (1997-98) for 3-D CAD and Architecture. I’ve been designing green product solutions ever since. My construction background made it easy for me to design our own prototypes, and having a custom woodshop made it possible for me to build prototypes and perfect each solution for the problems I was trying to solve for. Designing and building my own high R home also made these issues obvious.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future? A: Expanding our line of products and producing new products that solve other energy inefficiencies within the home, the “missing components” giving us other heat-loss problems that are costing the homeowner money. If we can knock out some of these missing components, we may get closer to balancing the equation. There are a couple other products that I would like to try and patent, but can’t talk about them… (He jokes).

Q: Tell us about your designs. A: All of our patents provide solutions for specific problems within residential construction and design; each aiming to improve energy efficiency within the home and buildings. Our designs address the “missing components” in the architectural heating requirement equation. This equation has always been an estimate and has never balanced. This is a real problem in the world of building. Our ultimate goal is to get each home and building closer to a carbon neutral state, improving energy efficiency across the country. Using high-tech 3D design modeling, just about everything can be improved. Ultimately, we’re balancing better designs with being more energy efficient.

Q: What other projects would you like to get involved in? A: I’d like to partner up with companies that share the same end goal, companies that can complement our own line of products and offer our customers great quality innovation. I will also be continuing my work towards reducing our energy use to get us closer to a true carbon neutral home. One of my personal goals is to achieve higher standards of energy efficiency within the building community by using one of our patented products and change building codes with the Green Building Codes Council in DC. We hope to reach a global customer base and reduce energy use throughout the world.

Q: What products can we see on the market right now? A: The BAR Co’s Vac Sander line of products which can be found on our online marketplace. Drywall dust is a huge problem on job sites due to the dust exposure, especially dust abatement issues that affect everyone on the jobsite, not to mention all the extra cleanup work. Designing the dustless sander was such a natural solution to this problem that everyone could benefit from. You can check out our store by visiting:

Q: What tips could you give homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint or to lower their energy costs? A: Be aware of everything that can have an impact on energy within your home. Simple knowledge of carbon footprinting can also have an impact on understanding and awareness. Try lowering your energy costs by lowering your usage with simple tips and guidelines from your energy provider by visiting their website. You can also make improvements to your home that have big impacts on your energy costs, such as improving insulation and eliminating penetrations in the thermal barrier, checking windows and doors for leaks, performing annual inspections and updates for your home’s appliances, HVAC systems, and much more. Be sure to follow an annual checklist for both inside and outside maintenance. Keeping up with these tasks on a regular basis can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Q: If you had any advice to give to entrepreneurs or designers, what would it be?

A: Your experiences can show you problems that need to be addressed. There’s no such thing as a stupid idea or thought…you just have to identify the issue and how to solve for it. Be inquisitive and don’t take anything for granted. For example, I used my background and education in 3-D CAD design to develop our BAR Co’s Vac Sander; it was something that I could accomplish myself and achieve the results that I was aiming for right from the beginning. I designed it for my own work because it was something that just wasn’t available.

For more information about BAR Co. Production Company, Richard Brunner or any one of their product lines, visit the company’s website at Take a look at their initial product offering, BAR Co’s Vac Sander, a hand-held dustless vac sander, by visiting:

BAR Co. Production Company was started with the desire of bringing to market amazing new innovations that aim to improve traditional tools and increase equipment performance, while meeting environmental needs in the home, making home improvements easier, cleaner and at a low cost. Our green products are patented with one focus: a better home environment.



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