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Company Receives 3rd Patent

R.A. Brunner and Co., LLC receives its third patent issued by the USPTO for its third design project: Dual Action Low-Head Isolation Valve, or Vent.

A long time coming, but the final patent is now in for the company's third product. Prototyping will commence in 2015 for this unique design that stops cold air from entering the home through the main plumbing stack(s). No more cold toilets, tubs and sinks!

What does this really equate to? By eliminating cold air (or hot air) from breaking the home's insulation barrier, you can reduce your heating (or airconditioning) bills.

The company hopes to gain footing after prototyping this product to add a simple modification to building codes that will enable this Vent to be put into every home! Lower energy bills are right around the corner...

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