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Local Inventor Launches First Product Line

Coatesville, PA – Local inventor, Richard A Brunner, has officially launched his first product line in a series of patented designs aimed at providing green product solutions to traditional building tools and techniques. Richard’s company (BAR Co. Production Company) is producing his first product line, the BAR Co’s Vac Sander, and is now available for purchase after a long development of eight years.

Richard is very pleased with the final design of his initial product and is excited to be finally sharing it with the public. The BAR Co’s Vac Sander is a revolutionary drywall sanding system that combats all the traditional issues with drywall sanding. First in its class, this award winning sander is completely dust free and offers an industrial super abrasive that doesn’t have to be replaced like traditional meshes. Along with its immediate benefits, the sander is actually fun to use and offers a finger-tip glide performance with one-pass perfection for a smooth, velvety-finish. Richard aims to change the game in the drywall industry by offering this high-performance tool that produces professional results while saving customers time and money.

Seeking to establish a whole new approach to wall repair and paint prep, the company is focused on introducing this product to the DIY crowd and hard-working contractors throughout the country. The product is being offered to the general public starting at an introductory price of $45 via the company’s online store,, and will soon be available in local hardware stores and larger retail chains across the country.

BAR Co. Production Company was started with the desire of bringing to market amazing new innovations that aim to improve tool and equipment performance while meeting environmental needs in the home. We aim to seek out better ways to improve traditional tools and equipment for easier and cleaner ways to make home improvements, all at a low cost. Our green products are patented with one focus: a better home environment.

For more information about BAR Co. Production Company, visit our website:


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