Our sander is a dust reducing sanding system and is used for collecting dust typically created by sanding gypsum board (drywall).  This mesh-less drywall preparation tool connects to any standard shop or residential vacuum and has unique features that boasts a ‘first of its kind’ solution to wall and paint preparation.  This product has no added expenses to maintain the tool; no meshes and has a lifetime usage (approximately 2 – 4 years) of the accompanying abrasive pad. 


The company has a full line of products to complement the sander.  Currently, there are three versions of the base sander; the original hand sander, a pole sander and an extendable hollowed pole sander.  A full line of accessories offer base pad options and abrasive pad sets to select from.

The vent is a dual-action, low head isolation valve that is a plumbing fitting that isolate the interior pipes of a house from the exterior temperatures of summer and winter while allowing the passage of gasses through the system for venting.  The valve would be installed at the top of the household plumbing drainage system, or the top vent, in the attic or above the roof.  This valve allows the system to draw in air and exhausts septic gasses, or respirate in both directions with very low head or resistance.


The exchanger is a clothes dryer heat recovery ventilation system that allows for the reuse and circulation of heat that is displaced by any household clothes dryer.  The vent allows the consumer to utilize the heat given off by their dryer while it is in operation.  This particular system has an indicator light that notifies the consumer when to clean the filter, another indicator light that signifies a ‘low flow’ warning, and a third indicator light giving a ‘high temperature’ warning.

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